BUSINESS Business requirements

The reasons to do business
with Hanwa

The confidence and experience we have built over half a century helps
us realize the goals and principles we put forth. Our work is our history.

  • Experience

    We have extensive experience carrying out repair work on ships at Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ports as well as with new-building projects and dry-docking. We arrange veteran superintendent engineers for our work.

  • Technology

    We possess a large network of experienced subcontractors who offer workshops, repair teams, critical machinery system technicians, and manufacturer service shop engineers based in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

  • Passion

    Our knowledgeable project members and superintendent engineers speak English and are committed to excellence while making sure all deadlines are met.

Our world consists of the Shipowners, Manufacturers,
and Vessels themselves.

Our focus is on the shipowners' development and the safe and efficient navigation
of the vessels which connect manufacturers and factories.

Hanwa's motto is to focus on contributing
to three fields.

For the Owners,For the Vessels,For the Makers
Trust is the most important factor in cultivating a relationship with a customer. We always approach work with a strong sense of responsibility and strive to gain the customer's satisfaction and trust. As our word is our bond, we fulfill our responsibility to meet the customer's needs.
Loyalty is the feature we are most proud of throughout our history in the shipping industry. The most important thing for doing business overseas is to forget your biases and learn to recognize potential partners so as to build relationships of mutual respect.

Business requirements

  • A. Technical arrangements.

    1. 1. Ship superintendent services. We arrange our own senior superintendent engineers for new-building projects, dry-docking, and discharging and loading at ports in Japan, Korea, and China. These engineers dedicate themselves to all work completed onboard the vessel and assist owners, superintendents, and crew. We also employ a licensed I.S.M. auditor in China in case one is needed for the vessel at a Chinese port.
    2. 2. Inspection services. We arrange our own or contract experienced inspectors for ship pre-purchases, including under-water inspections, in Japan, Korea, and China
    3. 3. Ship repair work services on deck and engine machinery. We carry out repair work on deck and engine machinery and parts and arrange repair teams and technicians for all ship systems, specifically, electric, automated, and hydraulic machinery. We arrange manufacturers or authorized service engineers for engine and deck machinery and navigation systems onboard the vessel. The above services can be requested in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Singapore.
    4. 4. Factory services. We bring ship parts ashore for reconditioning and repair and rewire motors, offer quick adjustment of ship equipment, and carry out various operations at local factories in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Singapore.
    5. 5. Negotiation services as a company representative We attend manufacturer shop tests and negotiate the conditions when selecting a manufacturer for new ship-building projects in order to meet the ship owner's requirements. For our representative services, we negotiate with local shipyards in Japan and China, and our superintendent engineers help the crew in discussions and negotiations with class surveyors at the instruction of the ship owners.
  • B. Supplying ship spare parts.

    Over our long history, the Hanwa Group has supplied numerous ships with spare parts under the technical eyes of our valued engineers and operators, while paying close attention to the condition and efficiency of the vessels.

    1. 1. We purchase and supply ships with deck and engine machine spare parts from Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, and Europe.
    2. 2. We purchase and supply quality reconditioned and/or secondhand spare parts from Japan, Korea, and China.
    3. 3. We supply heavy parts such as anchors and shackles, Panama chocks, chains, and wire ropes from Korea and China.
    4. 4. We supply fresh provisions, stores, and materials at ports and shipyards in Japan, Korea, and China.
    5. 5. When required by the customer, we fabricate necessary spare parts at Chinese factories.
    6. *For more information, please refer to the manufacturers' list contained in this brochure.
  • C. Air freight, sea freight, and domestic transportation services.

    According to customer requests, we also handle spare parts for domestic transportation by truckage as well as offer air freight and sea freight services at low cost to capitalize on time differences when transporting from countries such as Japan, Korea, and China. Through these services, we are striving to shorten transportation times as well as stay in close contact with customers and local forwarders and agents.

  • D. Agency services.

    According to customer requests, we can act as the sole agent for vessels visiting local ports in Japan. We can also introduce customers to agents at Korean ports and are planning to provide the same services at Chinese ports through our company services. You can save both time and money by ordering technical services as well as provisions and supplies at the same time with us at Hanwa.