BELIEF The story behind the beliefs and ideals of Hanwa

The story behind the beliefs and ideals of Hanwa

  • Founder


    Everything began with the simple belief of one dedicated individual, Nobuaki Takabatake, our founder who was loved and trusted by his customers and all those around him. He was affectionately referred to as Jimmy' and cultivated many relationships, friendships, and experiences during his career as a ship engineer from 1952 to 2012. His life was focused on becoming a pioneer in overseas business for his beloved customers and friends. And his spirit has been passed down to the company he created, Hanwa Engineering Co., Ltd. as well as the corporate group at large.

  • The company's founding

    The company's founding

    The ability and skill of our company's founder was first recognized by one of the legendary shipyard captains with whom he worked. This inspired our founder to become independent in 1967. His engineering experience, knowledge, and skill as well as his honest and dedicated work brought considerable success and satisfaction to the shipowners he called customers. This spirit of honesty and devotion has been handed down to Hanwa Engineering Co., Ltd. and its corporate group and still informs operations today.

  • Transition period

    Transition period

    At the time of our founding, Japan was in the midst of dramatic economic growth with the boating industry at the core of this business boom. In later years, Japan suffered from an extremely long and difficult economic recession which we were able to weather thanks to the trust and support of our customers and colleagues. The importance of building relationships of trust and cultivating human relations is still valued today at Hanwa Engineering Co., Ltd. and its corporate group.

  • New challenges to development

    New challenges to development

    The ship industry has been greatly affected by changes to the global economy. The rise of Korea and China in particular, has had a major impact on the industry's organization and led us to believe that we must respond to these changes ourselves. As a result, we began research in Korea and China from 2000, completed the individual transaction form in 2002, and set up a representative office in Shanghai in 2005. This office later became a subsidiary in 2010 and continues to expand and develop together with our customers.